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Wyoming Capital Access

WIDC • Frontier will soon become Wyoming Capital Access. As we brainstormed ideas and sketched out designs for this transition we kept some basic concepts in mind.

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Themes & Connection

We took inspiration from the state of Wyoming and many of the designs reflect that connection. The state flag, the state seal and our uniquely Wyoming outdoors are influences in the creative.

A Nod to the Past
A Nod to the Past

WIDC • Frontier CDC has proudly served the state in some form for over 40 years and we wanted to honor that legacy so many of the designs include a connection to the past. You will see designs that include elements evolved from the original.

How To Provide Feedback
How To Provide Feedback

As you focus on each design you may instantly find a concept that speaks to you and know that is the design you want or you may find elements of different designs you like. Our focus is to narrow down the designs to the top concepts you like. Colors, fonts and designs can be fine tuned from there.

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3 & 4
3 & 4
Sample 5 & 6
5 & 6
Sample 5 & 6
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Sample 9 & 10
9 & 10
Sample 11
Sample 12
Sample 12
Sample 15
Sample 16
Sample 16

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