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4 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Web Site:

1) Quality Content - Quality content is the best way to get search engines to your web site. Sure meta tags and key word density matters but the best way to get to the top of search engines is fantastic content.

2) Keep it Fresh - Do you still have events, pricing or dates on your site from 2013? Not only does this look bad but harms your search engine placement.

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Creating User Level Filtering for Email

Wyoming Hosting and Email Tools

When receiving emails on the server, there may be a need for filtering specific email addresses that are coming into the server. Emails can be Discarded, sent to another email address, or delivered to a program with the User and Account Level Filtering. This tutorial will explain the User / Account Level Filtering.

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How to Use Spam Assassin

Spam Assassin

SpamAssassin is an email anti-spam tool which works for any emails on your account. It marks spams so it is easy to notice. You can also configure SpamAssassin to automatically delete emails marked as spam.

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How to Change your Email Password

Change your Emal Password

If you host with Waves Web Design, changing your email address is easy and can be done using 2 different methods. Which one you choose will depend on which way you usally access your email and whether you have access to the main hosting account login. Remember to also change this password in your phone, tablet, email client or other email management tools as well once you have completed this tutorial.

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